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Working at the forefront of healthcare industry, Whole You uses extensive experience and resources to provide innovative medical products that enable people to live out loud and enjoy life to the fullest.

Treating Sleep Apnea with Whole You Sleep Appliances

Treat sleep apnea more effectively with Whole You’s medical devices.  When patients experience better wearing comfort and more freedom, they’re more likely to adhere to treatment, improving the effectiveness of care. Patients often resist the use of traditional CPAP machines, which can be noisy, bulky, and difficult to travel with. Whole You’s sleep devices are designed to be discrete, comfortable, easily transportable and, best of all, unintimidating to patients.

Why Should You Choose An “EF” Model?

 The Whole You “EF” range were designed to address two of the most common issues associated with wearing a sleep apnea appliance.

  1. Many patients have an enlarged tongue which means that they need a device designed to accommodate it. Respire’s EF devices have reduced the amount of fabricated material while keeping their strength, which allows tongue space to be maximized.
  2. Narrow arches are another problem frequently encountered in patients suffering from sleep apnea which our EF devices are designed to accommodate.

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