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Rhinomed is a medical technology company with a patented nasal technology platform that seeks to radically improve the way you breathe, sleep, maintain your health and take medication.

Rhinomed has launched two revolutionary OTC technologies, the Turbine® – a nasal dilator designed to assist you breathe easier during aerobic exercise, and Mute® – a nasal technology that is designed to allow you to radically improve  your sleep quality by breathing more and snoring less.

Rhinomed continues to invest in furthering their knowledge of the role the nose, the upper airways and the olfactory system plays in maintaining health and wellness. It currently has a new product called INPEAP in development with a clinical program examining the impact of this new technology as low invasive well-tolerated solution for patients suffering from mild and moderate sleep apnea. Another development program is assessing the efficacy of Rhinomed’s technology as an intranasal delivery platform for medication.

Rhinomed’s technology platform is protected by a family of over 60 patents globally. Rhinomed is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: RNO) and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

The New Nasal Dilator That’s Changing Breathing


1 in 4 People struggle to breathe through the nose. This can severely hamper their ability to sleep and comply with CPAP or Mandibular Advancement Splint therapies.

Mute by Rhinomed is a revolutionary, fully adjustable, drug free nasal stent that allows you to optimize nasal airflow by up to 38%. Available in three sizes, Mute’s unique, fully adjustable dilation system allows you to easily deal with nasal obstruction, septum deviation or specific congestion by tuning the mute to each nostril. Change the way your patients breathe for the better. Switch them on mute and batter nasal breathing.

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